Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cloth Diapers..why I love using them

Before I was even pregnant with our oldest I had decided that I wanted to explore the option of cloth diapers.  I don't really remember what peaked my interest originally.  But pretty much as soon as I started looking into them I was hooked!  Here are some of my reasons for loving cloth diapers. 

* They are cute!  Ok, ok, this might not be the most sensible reason but come on...we all love putting our kids in cute clothes, right?  I just love making sure their bums are covered in something cute as well.  They have to poo and pee in something, it might as well be at least a little fun deciding what color/print I'm going to put on them next. 
(See, they are so cute and fun!)
*They really are just as easy as disposables.  My mom cloth diapered 3 of us.   And it wasn't super easy.  But these days "modern" cloth diapers snap or Velcro on just as fast as a disposable.  Yes, you have to wash them, but that's really no big deal. And in turn, you don't have to make sure you don't forget to pick up a package at the grocery store.  
*They are economical and easy to find (well, if you want them to be).  These days there are a wide range of types of cloth diapers.  You can easily wrack up a fortune in boutique brands and hard-to-find prints.  And I have a few of those.  But you can also easily cloth diaper a child from birth to potty training for very little money, WAY less than what you would spend on disposables for that time frame.  And you can order them in large quantities online or find them in some big box stores and many baby boutiques carry them as well.
*I can make my own!  I'm a sewer.  So, I LOVE the idea that I can make our boys' diapers, especially if I want them to have diapers for a specific holiday or event.  I made diapers for our oldest for both Valentine's Day and Independence Day.   It was fun and it was super easy and I loved that he got to wear something I made for him. 
*They are great for sensitive skin!  Our oldest has eczema, contact food allergies and when he was tiny his little bum was also pretty sensitive in general.  Cloth diapers are gentle on the skin and there are many different options for fabric.  Some babies do better with cotton against their skin, some with microfleece, some with suedecloth or minky, some with bamboo fabrics.  The awesome thing about cloth diapers is if one fabric doesn't work others are readily available. 
*Less waste.  While I won't ever claim to be the best about limiting trash or recycling (I SHOULD do better about both those things) I did hate the idea of all those disposable diapers sitting in a landfill for years.  Now don't get me wrong, I DO use disposables part time but I like that at least our trash footprint will be smaller than it would be with full-time disposables. 
*I'll be honest, one reason I love cloth diapers is because I'm stubborn.  When I first started telling people we planned to use them I got SO many negative responses (not sure why people cared so much about what our baby was going to wear on his bum).  Everyone had a reason it "wouldn't last" so yeah, one reason I love it is just plain because I proved them wrong and enjoy it when they thought I would be hating it within a month. 
*The dreaded blowout-----or lack thereof.  If you are a parent who has used disposables I'm 99.9999% sure you have experienced a poo blowout.  The wonderful thing about cloth diapers is they almost all have elastic in the back and the legs and frankly, when baby wears the right size, poo blowout are nearly non-existent!
*Community.  This is actually one of my very favorite reasons to cloth diaper.  It is a community of mamas who have something in common.  From baby blogs and boards to facebook groups cloth diapers draw women together, and in the process you find women you have many other things in common with and you also learn from others.  From one particular cloth diaper group on facebook I've "met" mamas who I will likely never meet face to face in real life, but they have become some of my closest friends.   They cheered and congratulated us when our babies were born, they supported me and checked on me and sent me care packages when the bottom fell out of my world, we've developed off-shoot groups for couponing, home-schooling, bible study.   These women become such close friends that when something happens to one of us, a sick little one, a lost job, a divorce, the loss of a baby, we pull together and do whatever we can.  When one mama's husband was diagnosed with cancer these mamas formed a fundraiser and frankly, $5 or $10 from a hundred mamas makes a big dent in bills.  When another's baby was diagnosed in utero with a fatal disorder they banded together to do an online auction/raffle to raise money for funeral expenses.  Why?  Because we know she would do the same for us.  The beauty of it, most of us have never known each other through more than comments and shared stories on a facebook group! 
Those are just a few of my top reasons to cloth diaper.  Check back soon for posts about my favorite brands and favorite accessories. 
Do you cloth diaper?  

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  1. I love my cloth diapers! Wish I would have started them before number 3! ;)