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Cloth Diapers...my personal faves...

Since our oldest was born I have tried a LOT of different brands of cloth diapers.  I wanted to share a few of my favorites and tell why I like each one.  This is NOT in anyways saying that other brands are not great, won't work for you, etc.  These are just the ones that have worked best for us.  Every baby and every mama and every situation is different.  Also, I tend to like sized diapers over one-size diapers but I do have a few one-size brands I really love.  Sized have fit our boys better but I know mamas who get great fits with their one-size diapers.   I can't really say I have an absolute favorite so the ones listed are really in no order, I like certain brands for certain reasons and at certain ages better than others.  And if some of the "terms" don't make sense don't worry, I'm planning a "Diaper terms and tips" post later this week along with a future post about my favorite cloth diaper and baby accessories.  So here goes....

Softbums.  Softbums are technically a one-size diaper but have a very unique toggled elastic sizing mechanism that makes them seem much more like a sized diaper.  And even better than a sized diaper I can adjust them to the exact size I want.  They fit our boys from the time they were very tiny and the same diapers still fit our 25lb 2 year old.  While I don' particularly like their inserts for small babies their "pods" are perfect both for our 18+lb 7 month old and our toddler.  They come in an AI2 style which means you lay an insert into the shell or you they have a pocketed option. The great thing about the pocketed option is you can stuff the insert in the pocket or just simply lay it on top.  They are available in both snap and hook&loop closure.  These diapers are the narrowest in the crotch with I like.  I don't like diapers that are wide and bulky between our boys' legs. 

RagaBabes.  This company has my heart.  I have been buying from them since fairly early in their history.  RagaBabe is run by a sweet family right here in the USA, in Iowa in fact.  When I first started buying RagaBabe diapers each invoice came with a personal note from the owner, Joy, and I remember her congratulating me on the birth of our oldest son!  While they have grown too much for Joy to include individual notes now she is still very hands on with the company and has THE BEST customer service.  These diapers are a bit on the pricier end but you get what you pay for here.  Again, they are made in the USA and they are also VERY stringently tested for quality.  I have bought "2nds" quality diapers that even to an experienced sewer like myself there are no apparent flaws.  All RagaBabe diapers are sized.  RagaBabe makes a "2-step" all-in-2 diaper that consists of a shell and an insert and comes in either snapped version to adjust the rise or a snapless version, and also an all-in-one diaper that requires nothing more than velcroing it on.  Their unique tummy flap is amazing as is the wide elastic in the back.  Their iconic star Velcro makes these diapers easy to spot.  You won't find "baby-ish" prints at RagaBabe and they are always coming out with new styles.  While they can be a bit hard to get a hold of I believe every cloth diaperer should have at least 1 or 2 RagaBabes in their stash. 

Fuzzibunz Perfect Size.  Fuzzibunz are a pocket diaper and come in the Perfect Size or a One Size option.  I absolutely love our Perfect Size FBs but I honestly have no use for the One Size version, however I have several friends who love their one-size FBs.  These diapers are very affordable and come with a microfiber insert but can easily be stuffed with any insert.  They have fit both our boys wonderfully.  I actually have the discontinued hook and loop XS Fuzzibunz and you will be hard pressed to get me to get rid of those anytime soon.  They fit from very tiny, better than any other newborn diaper I tried, other than Softbums.  While some people aren't fans of snap diapers and I tend to prefer hook and loop I love these diapers in spite of their snap closure.  The microfleece inner is great, I prefer it over natural fibers or suedecloth.  They have held up to many months of wear just as well as any other diapers in my stash.  My experience has been that they fit beyond the weight estimates given by the company, which is opposite of what I have experienced with other sized diapers. 

The Little Bee Co.  I only have 1 of these diapers in my stash but that is only because I found them when I already had plenty of diapers that I liked and couldn't justify spending on more than I needed (after all, saving money is one of the main reasons we chose to use cloth!).  These diapers are extremely high quality and work wonderfully!  I LOVE the front elastic.  However, the most amazing thing about this diaper...for every diaper purchased this wonderful company donates a diaper to a baby in need, usually through orphanage "diaper drops".  You can check out their website to see the locations of their past diaper drops.  So, if you are looking for a great quality, extremely well functioning diaper from a company that really cares about spreading love, you might want to check them out! 

Charlie Banana.  These are my 2nd favorite one-size diaper.  They are trim, narrow in the crotch and easy to use.  I have had no issues getting a great fit on both our boys with these diapers, which I certainly can't say for every brand. 

Southern Comfort Fitteds.   This is a wonderful work-at-home-mom business with diapers personally made by hand with the utmost care.  I have a love for fitteds and t-shirts during warm weather and these are by far my favorite fitted and quite possibly my favorite diaper overall.  They can be tough to get a hold of since of course a single person can only make so many diapers in so much time.  And there can be a bit of sticker shock if you aren't used to the WAHM fitteds market but they are SO worth it!  Available in either a true fitted or a hybrid (with a layer of fleece inside), these diapers are amazingly absorbent without being bulky (for a fitted).  I only have the true fitteds in my stash because I really haven't bought any new for baby #2 and our oldest just couldn't wear fleece diapers (though I doubt little oven #2 could either).  If you want to try out fitteds THIS is the diaper to try.  But be prepared because you will fall in love and be stalking their page trying to get more! 

Woollybottoms.  Wool is a scary word to some in the cloth diaper world.  But once you try it you fall in love and this company makes it super easy to go head over heels.  Made primarily from upcycled wool sweaters, Woollybottoms are available in covers, shorties, longies, footies, skirties and leggings.  And they make super cute, super warm baby slippers!  This is again another small family company with wonderful customer service.   Price-wise you can't beat them in the wool world and the quality is amazing. 

Green Mountain Diapers "Cloth-eez" prefolds and fitteds.  GMD are by far my favorite prefold and for little bitty babies, under 3 months or so, I love their fitteds that are converted from prefolds.  They are great quality, easy to keep sizes straight due to their colored edging and absorb like nobody's business.  The fitteds are even enough to go without a cover for short amounts of time and are AWESOME for newborns and tiny babies.  They also wash up and dry great. They are a super inexpensive way to cloth diaper and are super easy to use.  While many will tell you to fold and pin or snappi I have always simply tri-folded my prefolds, laid them in a cover, fan out the back a little and have been virtually leak free. 

Kissaluvs fitteds.  For babies under 3 or 4 months I LOVE Kissaluvs fitteds.  They are not as stylish as boutique fitteds but get the job done with super absorbent terry cloth.  The snap down rise on the size 0s is amazing.  They were my go to diaper when our boys were little and wetting and pooing frequently. 

Bummis Super Brite.  These are my favorite covers.  Again, I like sized covers. These covers are hook and loop and have a wipe-clean inner.  They come in fun colors but the BEST feature is the inner leg gussets.  They are bomb-proof!  And very affordable, especially since the wipeable inner means you can use them for more than one change.

Thirsties original hook and loop sized covers.  These are a VERY close second for my favorite cover.  They are very similar to Bummis with the inner gussets and wipeable inner but for some reason I have always just had slightly better luck on fit and leak resistance with Bummis but these are a GREAT affordable option as well.

Well....I think that just about does it.  Again, I have tried MANY different brands of diapers, of all varieties and styles and many covers, regular and wool and these are the brands that have stayed in my stash for 2 years and 2 boys.  

Let me know what brands are YOUR favorites. 

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