Monday, January 27, 2014

"I Love..." notebooks

Have you heard of "I Like" books?  They are these cool little books of encouragement to your child.  Each day or week or month or whenever you choose, you write a little statement of "I like" about your child.  You can visit their website here. 

I received an "I like" book for my oldest as a new baby gift and thought it was so sweet and such a great idea.  I was decent about writing in it but with him being a baby I didn't have the right motivation.  I mean, he had to know I loved him more than life itself, I didn't have a huge motivation to write a lot of encouragements.  Then the bottom fell out of our world and it just wasn't a priority.

But he has hit 2 now.  And NOW I see the need for those encouragements, both for him AND for me.  There are days I really need something to look at to help me get my mind back to the right place, off the temper tantrums and many timeouts for hitting his brother and the occasional defiant bedtime.  And someday soon he will be old enough that I can read some of those things to him when he has a rough day.  And eventually, maybe for his graduation or on his wedding day or maybe when he has his first child I will give it to him. 

But...when I was routinely writing in his "I like" book before I often found myself crossing out "I like" and writing in "I love" and I often just wanted to write a little short story about something that happened that day.  While I loved the idea behind the "I Like" book I felt a little restricted by its format.

So...I decided we are gonna do our own thing.  I got 3 spiral ring notebooks, one for each of the boys and one for nice things I wish I could tell my husband but can't right now.  They were under $2 each, with cute sparkly covers but nothing too childish.  For the boys I wrote in sharpie "I LOVE....." and then put their names on them.  Now I don't feel so restricted.  I can write "I love" statements, I can share fun stories,  Bible verses I want specifically want to share with them someday, etc. 

I encourage you to do something like this for your children, for their benefit but also for you.  Someday you can give the book/notebook to them but for right now it can be a powerful way to help YOU through those rough days, when your job as a mom might be a little overwhelming.  Maybe you use an "I Like" book, maybe you get an inexpensive notebook, maybe you type it up on the computer each day and have a file for each child.  Do what works for you!

What other things do you do to help with those hard mom/wife days? 

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